Florida Small Farms & Alternative Enterprises Conference

"Sustaining Small Farms; Strengthening Florida's Communities" July 31 & August 1, 2010
Osceola Heritage Park, Kissimmee Florida

2010 Small Farms Exhibitor List

If you are interested in showcasing your business or organization at the conference, please visit our become an exhibitor page.  

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Sponsoring exhibitors are identified by an *

Accuplastics is the manufacturer of innovative vertical growing systems that include the Grow Tower vertical grow bag system and Flexible Green house structure. The Grow Tower system utilizes hydroponic and organic growing methods to optimize growing inputs that lead sustainable agriculture.
ABI has been an industry leader in Irrigation Travelers and high pressure pumps for over 30 years. With a large inventory and a knowledgeable staff, make ABI your choice for irrigation today.
Agri-Starts, Inc. is celebrating 25 years in business! Agri-Starts specializes in tissue culture propagation and contract growing.
800-996-0004 ext.26120
In 1982, Albert's Organics saw the potential of organic fresh produce. Today, we're the premiere distributor of organic fresh foods, working closely with local and regional farmers across the country.
Florida alpaca farmers are ready to answer your questions about the "alpaca lifestyle". Learn how you can raise alpacas for profit. Purchase items made from luxurious alpaca fleece. Also see our alpacas and alpaca fleece processing demonstrations in the livestock area.
941-925-3000 ext.15
Apollo Sunguard is introducing special shade cloth that has been used extensively in South Africa to increase crop yields while reducing pesticide-water and fertilization. Experiments have demonstrated that by altering the UV levels and the color of the light specific crops can be stimulated.
ARAMARK provides award-winning food services, facilities management, and uniform and career apparel to health care institutions, universities and school districts, stadiums and arenas, and businesses around the world.
Arrowhead Beef, LLC
Inspired by the vision of transforming American food culture toward simpler, healthier and more locally-sustainable foods, Arrowhead Beef’s mission is to elevate the relationship between consumer, farmer and livestock.
Backwater Provision Co. is the only US manufacturer to provide home-based fiberglass component gardening systems for Aquaponics and Geoponics.  Based on scientifically proven principles, these sustainable systems are both aesthetically pleasing and productive.
Brandt Consolidated manufactures a full line of conventional and organic products including nutritionals, insecticides, and adjuvants. Visit www.brandtconsolidated.com to contact your local Brandt representative.
Animal feed and supplement manufacture servicing Florida and Georgia.
Breeding and introduction of new plants for sustainable alternative agriculture, including Dunstan Chestnuts, Oriental Persimmons, low chill Fruit Trees and Berries from the University of FL, and native trees for game and wildlife food. We help people grow their own fruit crops.
CTF and UF are partnering to create a beginner farmer rancher program with educational and training materials for beginning farmers as well as a farm transition database to assist new farmers in finding farmland and retiring farmers find suitable individuals to continue farming their land.
Countryside Natural Products supplies premium organic bagged livestock feeds and animal nutrition supplements, such as Redmond Mineral Salt, Thorvin Kelp, and Perma Guard Diatomceous Earth. Shipping is available throughout Florida.
David Lerner Associates
David Lerner Associates has information on investments and small business retirement plans.
404-366-7006 ext. 114 or 130
Destiny Organics is the only certified organic distributer in the State of Georgia. We proudly make the farm to table connection every day. We remain committed to our goal of bringing a better future to the communities we serve by rebuilding the supply of quality, sustainable food within our region.
Douglas Speed & Associates is a distributor for the Quantum Growth line of microbial products. Quantum Growth is consortium of Photosynthetic Bacterial designed to restore the natural balance to soil. Which is often destroyed by the over use of chemical and tilling.
Ecodrum™ is the trade mark product of Tri Form Poly Inc, a composting manufacturer with a plant in Morris, Manitoba, Canada. We are a member of the US Composting Council, and have an extensive network of dealers to provide producers assistance and service across North America.
Farm Credit is the leader in agricultural and rural financing in the US. We make loans to purchase farm property, livestock, machinery, farm related business loans, basic processing and/or marketing activities. We finance homes and home sites. We can help you with all your agricultural and mortgage needs.
For Farmers and Consumers Defending the Right to Buy and Protecting the Right to Sell Nutritious Food Directly from the Farm.
The College of Engineering Sciences, Technology and Agriculture (CESTA) is the land-grant arm at Florida A&M University. CESTA offers unique opportunities for students to grow professionally and build on their dreams for the future. We specialize in programs related to and for Florida Farmers.
The Florida Association of Community Farmers Markets, Inc. (FACFM) is a member-driven organization whose purpose is to improve the link between farm and table by supporting farmers and educating consumers on the benefits of buying local and supporting their community farmers' markets.
The Florida Division of Animal Industry works to safeguard the health and marketability of Florida’s livestock. Premises Registration enables effective response to animal disease concerns. Animal identification increases traceability when necessary.
The goal is to connect local farmers to Florida schools; assist in the communication between farmers and schools; and increase the implementation or expansion of the use of Florida farm grown products in all school meal programs.
Our mission is to safeguard the public and support Florida's agricultural economy. We will present information available for farmers which will include the Agricultural Dealer Licenses and the Agricultural Worker Safety Program.
Farm Bureau exists to strengthen family farms and local communities. We apply a collective effort to solve farmers’ problems. We speak on behalf of ALL farms. The majority of the state’s family farmers are members. The FL Farm Bureau Insurance offers members access to a full line of quality products.
Florida Grazing Land Coalition
Florida Grazing Land Coalition is a network of individuals and organizations working together to ensure a healthy future for our state's grassland resource.
Florida Meat Goat Association 
The Florida Meat Goat Association was formed in 1986 to promote the meat goat industry in Fl; to develop a better meat goat; to expand existing markets for goat meat and value added goat products.
Florida Organic Growers promotes healthy and just food systems and educates producers, consumers, media, institutions and governments about the benefits of organic and sustainable agriculture.
FSHS is a non-profit educational organization that promotes horticulture in Florida. Visit our booth to tell us about your information needs, learn about the society, become a member, and learn about opportunities for small farmers to grow horticultural products in Florida's challenging environment.
Global Organic Specialty Source Inc., is the premier organic produce distributor for the Southeastern US. Owner Mitch Blumenthal is an organic farmer and understands the unique challenges of helping small farms access a larger marketplace. Over 70 people work together to provide customers with the best organic produce available.
Graco Fertilizer Company
Graco Fertilizer Company is the manufacturer of premium quality ornamental and turf fertilizers and custom potting soils. Distributors of Scotts horticultural products, Osmocote, Plantacote, Nutricote, Florikote, organic fertilizers, and chemicals.
Since 1955, Growers Mineral Solutions has helped farmers increase profits by lowering overall costs while raising more and higher quality crops.
Green World Path is your supplier of organic fertilizers as well as fungus and pest control products for all green areas. Our hydroponic stack-able GroUp towers allow you to plant 10x more per square foot.
Haygrove Inc
Haygrove is a worldwide leader in field scale crop protection aiding high value fruit and vegetable production.
Heifer International
Visit us for information on Heifer International projects.
Hillside Orchard Farms is a provider of quality private label food products for any farm or specialty shop.  Ask us about our value added program to turn your fruit into more profit.
Multi Bloom and Mega Green are organic liquid fish fertilizers applied to farms crops, golf courses, homeowners’ lawns and athletic fields.
The Bookstore sells publications produced by UF faculty researchers about all aspects of agriculture including plant disease, pesticide management, horticulture, livestock, natural resources and wildlife.
  Island Grove Ag Products-Nursery Division
We are a grower specializing in blueberry plants and other edibles for commercial producers. We also grow native material for landscapers and nurseries.
It's Our Nature® features Healthy-Wear for People Who Care®. Organic Cotton, Hemp & Palm Frond products made responsibly using eco-friendly dyes. Clothing - Bags - Garden Hats & more.
See us for vegetable, herb and flower seeds; tools and supplies.
Koppert Biological Systems is a worldwide leader in the research, development and production of beneficial insects and mites, biological crop protection and natural pollination products.
KY Burley Moldings
KY Burley Moldings is providing a quality float tray for the hydroponic production of plants. Our business began in the tobacco industry in Kentucky and we are now expanding into the fruit, vegetable, and perennial markets around the country. Please stop by our booth.
Magna Bon II LLc
954-275-1830 ext.1831
Magna Bon II, LLC Okeechobee, FL. An Advanced Liquid Copper Fungicide. Made in the US. Stop by booth 415 to get your free sample of CS2005 while supplies last.
Majic Earth Inc. is an Urban Farm located in Lake Worth, FL dedicated to farming earthworms and distributing earthworm castings.
The Meat Sheep Alliance was organized to promote the sheep industry in Florida, to provide information and education to its members and to the general public, regarding the production of sheep. Florida residence is not required for membership.
Mechanical Transplanter Co., LLC is an American manufacturer of high quality transplanters and plastic mulch equipment. We are also the distributors of the line of Clean Seeder equipment from Jang Automation in South Korea.
MerchantSource® powered by TMS, in business 17 years providing credit & debit card merchant services. We have 5 years as hands on specialist in assisting farmers markets and/or vendors in wireless EBT/SNAP card acceptance. We are a proud to be an FMC member and can be reached at 1-800-313-5198.
Monte Package Company provides a full line of Produce and Roadside Market related packages. We also offer over 100 different master shippers and containers for the produce industry.
ATTRA – National Sustainable Agriculture is a project funded by USDA through NCAT. ATTRA's agriculture information resources include workshops, websites, hundreds of publications, sustainable agriculture specialists and personalized technical assistance.
Natural Industries manufactures beneficial microbes for use in plant protection products for the horticulture, agriculture and lawn & garden industries.
Nature Safe Fertilizers contain premium animal proteins not waste by-products. The all natural ingredients in Nature Safe provide a balanced nutritional program for the soil and the plant.
New North Florida Cooperative Association, Inc.
NNFC has helped over 100 school districts in FL & surrounding states in procuring fresh products grown by small farmers; served as South Regional Lead for National Farm to School Network & launched Farm to School Academy to assist school districts and farmers in facilitating Farm to School efforts.
NIOEX Systems USA Inc
The Biovator is an In-Vessel Composter for composting mortalities and organic waste on site. The Biovator has the ability to process organic material into a safe and easy to manageable product.
OceanGrown Inc.
OceanGrown's, OceanSolution safely and economically provides every nutrient that any plant requires.
OIA North America is a USDA accredited certifier for the USDA National Organic Program and offers USDA NOP Organic certification, GLOBALGAP certification, and Transitional Organic certification. OIA North America is based in Gainesville, Florida.
We’ve been supplying quality livestock equipment, fencing and watering supplies to farmers and ranchers across the US since 1991.
Perdue AgriRecycle
Perdue AgriRecycle’s microSTART60 products are allowed by the NOP/USDA for use in organic crop production without any restrictions and are also listed by OMRI. A great organic source for your fertilizer needs.
World Class Fencing at Affordable Prices.
ProSource One is an agriculture chemical and fertilizer distributor with six locations throughout the state of Florida.
Quality Certification Services is the leading accredited Organic Certifier offering certification options for farming, livestock, processing and wild harvesting operations. QCS certifies more than 500 clients, meeting the needs of any operation regardless of type, location or size.
Seeds of Change is the oldest and largest 100% certified organic seed company in existence. A full range of vegetable, herb and flower seeds are offered. Our mission is to preserve biodiversity and promote sustainable, organic agriculture.
Society of St. Andrew (often known as the Gleaning Network) is a 501(C)(3) non-profit hunger relief organization that works with farmers to salvage food left behind after harvest. This food is distributed to food pantries, soup kitchens and homeless shelters throughout the state.
Fast growing trees have numerous small farm applications including windbreaks, riparian buffers, and when grown as Short Rotation Woody Crops, mulchwood, energywood, and biofuels.
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) of Florida will provide information and publications about sustainable practices for the agriculture sector of Florida.
Are you looking for the easiest and most cost-effective way to grow wholesome and tasty food for your family or customers? Stop by Sustainable Garden Supply’s booth.
The South Florida Beef-Forage Program is a consortium of Extension Livestock Agents providing educational programming and information to livestock producers and small farmers in 14 Counties covering most of South Florida from I-4 South.
True Blue Propagation only grows and sells premium blueberry plants and blueberry bushes. We specialize in providing State inspected plants to blueberry farms all over the World.
352-392-1826 ext.403
UF/IFAS is a federal-state-county partnership with a strong commitment to Florida Agriculture by supporting the Florida MarketMaker program.
386-362-1725 ext.106
The Academy's educational programs are offered as an innovative approach combining state, local, and private resources to provide intensive hands-on training to small farmers.
AGRItunity 2011 Conference and Trade Show is a regional farm conference sponsored by the UF/IFAS Extension offices in Citrus, Hernando, Pasco and Sumter counties. Conference will be held on January 29, 2011.
352-392-1901 ext.120
IPM Florida provides statewide, interdisciplinary and inter-unit coordination and assistance in integrated pest management to protect agriculture, communities and the environment. The IPM Florida website contains small farm information (http://ipm.ifas.ufl.edu)
The UF-IFAS, Plant Medicine Program:
•  Trains Plant Doctors in the management of plant health problems of all kinds
•  Ensures greater production efficiency with a minimum of environmental impacts
•  Enhances food security and safety
Uncle Matt's Organic, Inc.
Uncle Matt's Organic is a 4th generation, family owned Florida citrus company, managing 1,500 acres of groves throughout the state. Uncle Matt's Organic grows, processes & sells organic fresh citrus, orange juice & organic produce. Uncle Matt's products are both QCS & USDA certified organic.
Both FAWN and Agroclimate are programs of the University of Florida. FAWN provides weather data and weather-related tools for growers. AgroClimate provides climate-related grower resource management.
Our program provides training and educational materials for small farms, commercial growers and residents about established and exotic pests and diseases of citrus.
UF/IFAS is a federal-state-county partnership dedicated to developing knowledge in agriculture, human and natural resources, and the life sciences, and enhancing and sustaining the quality of human life by making that information accessible.
352-392-1950 ext.226
University of Florida Soil Testing Laboratory provides information about using soil test to better utilize crop production. We’ll also explain the functions of the lab and answer questions on soil testing.
407-880-8025 ext.129
The Mid-Florida Research and Education Center is part of the UF/IFAS network supporting the Research, Extension, and Teaching missions in the greater Orlando area. We are conveniently located at 2725 South Binion Road, Apopka, FL  32703
FSA supports productive farms and ranches; affordable food, fiber and fuel; and conservation of our natural resources. FSA delivers farm loans, programs, conservation incentives, price supports and disaster assistance. FSA programs provide stability, ensuring a safe and abundant supply of food.
Assistance programs are offered by Rural Development to aid in financing energy projects and value added ventures.
USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service conducts hundreds of surveys and prepares reports covering virtually every facet of U.S. agriculture industry.
The Horticulture & Landscape Technology Program at Valencia Community College offers an A.S. degree with a Horticulture Specialization or Landscape Specialization. Several certificate programs are also offered.
Verti-Gro® specializes in vertical growing and vertical gardening to utilize space, water and energy in an efficient manner. Our systems provide for high density production for the commercial grower and space saving for the hobbyist or home gardener.
Our marketing cooperative specializes in producing Florida ecotype wildflower seed and plant material. We also provide technical knowledge to a diverse client group - Landscape Architectural firms, restoration specialists, departments of transportation, municipalities and private home-owners.

If you are interested in showcasing your business or organization at the conference, please visit our  become an exhibitor page.  

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